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Women Are Warriors
Excerpt  (2:15) 1942, director: Jane Marsh
Canadian industry made an important contribution to the Allied war effort-making aircraft, military vehicles and munitions that amounted to a total value of almost $10 billion, the equivalent of about $100 billion today. Over 260,000 women worked in war-related industries. The heightened tone of the music and narration here are typical of NFB wartime newsreels.
As demands on manpower grow, women are taking an increasingly important place on the various war fronts. In England, their more active jobs include ferrying planes from factory to airfield, and operating anti-aircraft guns. In Russia, they are fighting on the front lines as well as acting as parachute nurses, army doctors, and technicians. Canadian women, too, are entering new fields every day. Many have joined active service auxiliaries, and thousands labour day and night in factories turning out the tools of war.

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Women Are Warriors
1942, director: Jane Marsh
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