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Women and the War
Thousands of Canadian women were called upon for the war effort. Taking over from the husbands, brothers and fathers who had left to fight, they volunteered, worked in munitions factories or enrolled in the army, navy or air force. Hard and long though the conflict was, it rang in a new era for Canadian women.
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Excerpt (01:42)
To the Ladies
In 1941 the Canadian government imposed a total freeze on...
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Excerpt (1:18)
Reportages nº 45
Thousands of Canadian women got involved in wartime...
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Excerpt (2:15)
Women Are Warriors
1942, director: Jane Marsh
Canadian industry made an important contribution to the...
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Article by a specialist Canadian Women and the Second World War
Canada’s entry into the Second World War on September 10, 1939, led to a mobilization of women on an unprecedented scale—in the voluntary sector, the civilian paid labour force and the military.

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Shoulder to shoulder. Canadian Women's Army Corps
As well as working in industry and agriculture, women were also encouraged to join the...
A Female Worker Spray Paints the Landing Gear of a De Havilland Mosquito Airplane
Of 116,000 workers employed by the Canadian aeronautical industry during the Second World...
In 1944 and 1945, the National Gallery of Canada entrusted Pegi Nicol MacLeod with the...
La ménagère en guerre récupère caoutchouc, métaux, os, matières grasses
This French-only humorous poster published around 1943 called on Canadian women to help...
Mrs. A. Mackay Operating a Riveting Gun at Pictou Shipyards Ltd
Thousands of women took part in the war effort in response to increased production and the...
Firefighting Exercise
Members of the Canadian Women's Army Corps (C.W.A.C) take part in a firefighting exercise....
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