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Pride and Sacrifice
Thousands of Canadians showed pride and courage, some enduring deplorable conditions in POW camps and others sometimes fighting hopeless battles. Many paid the ultimate price with their lives.
Film excerpts
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Excerpt (5:32)
Savage Christmas: Hong Kong 1941
1991, director: Brian McKenna
Around 2000 Canadians were sent to the UK colony of Hong...
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Excerpt (5:31)
Savage Christmas: Hong Kong 1941
1991, director: Brian McKenna
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Excerpt (03:49)
A War Story
1981, director: Anne Wheeler
When Singapore fell to Japan in February 1942, Churchill...
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Excerpt (2:13)
Bravery in the Field
1979, director: Giles Walker
Canadian transport squadrons took part in WWII airlifts over...
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Article by a specialist For the hope of a better world
We need to understand and commemorate the achievements of our war veterans emphasizing the profound moral purpose that motivated Canadians in the two world wars.

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The Four Freedoms Address by Franklin D. Roosevelt
On January 6, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed his Four Freedoms speech to...
G. George Didn't Come Back
The artist Miller Brittain served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a bomb-aimer during...
Royal Canadian Air Force Briefing Before Kiska
On August 15, 1943, after three weeks of naval and air bombing, a combined U.S. and...
Canadian Infantrymen Surrounded by Dutch Civilians Celebrating the Liberation of the Netherlands
The day after Victory in Europe, May 8, 1945, infantrymen of The West Nova Scotia...
A Member of the Medical Corps Bandages the Burnt Leg of a French Boy
Lance-Corporal W.J. Curtis of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (R.C.A.M.C.) bandages...
A Military Funeral
Major William Ewing saluting at the funeral of 55 members of 'A' Company, The Black Watch...
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