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Excerpt (4:27)
Aftermath: The Remnants of War
2001, director: Daniel Sekulich
The 1942-43 Battle of Stalingrad, pitting Soviet forces...
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Aftermath: The Remnants of War
Excerpt  (4:27) 2001, director: Daniel Sekulich
Description The film
The 1942-43 Battle of Stalingrad, pitting Soviet forces against the Nazis and their allies, was one of the bloodiest battles in history. Over 1.5 million died, including soldiers and civilians on both sides. Over fifty years later, a Russian civilian exhumes the remains of German combatants, while a German veteran of the battle visits the site.

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War has a dirty secret: it never really ends. Aftermath: The Remnants of War weaves archival images and personal stories into a powerful portrait of lingering devastation. Based on the Gelber Award-winning book by Donovan Webster, this insightful film reveals the twentieth century as the most violent in all of human history, with a death toll of more than one hundred million.

Filmed on location in Russia, France, Bosnia and Vietnam, the documentary features personal accounts of individuals involved in the cleanup of war: de-miners who risk their lives on a daily basis, psychologists working with distraught soldiers in Bosnia, a treasure hunter turned archeologist in Stalingrad, and scientists and doctors struggling with the contamination of dioxin used during the Vietnam War. The poignant stories convey a sobering message as we face the realization that war doesn't end when the fighting stops.

Warning: some scenes contain graphic images.