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Excerpt (5:32)
Train Busters
1944, director: Sydney Newman
An Allied bombing raid on Nazi transport links is...
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Train Busters
Excerpt  (5:32) 1944, director: Sydney Newman
Description The film
An Allied bombing raid on Nazi transport links is thrillingly recreated through skilful editing of images from various sources. Aerial photography is juxtaposed with close-ups of cockpit controls and explosions to create spectacle and suspense. The participation of two RCAF pilots, whose hometowns are identified, would have struck a chord with Canadian audiences. Lorne Greene narrates.

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The film opens with a description of the strength and equipment of the Royal Canadian Air Force, with its thirty-two overseas squadrons. The Allied air strategy of hitting the nerve centres of Germany's war machine by destroying transport and supply lines is explained and the destruction of a German munitions train by Canadian airplanes is shown.