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Film title
Film (22:00)
Food, Weapon of Conquest
1941, director: Stuart Legg
The Nazi-occupied countries have been forced to hand over...
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Film (20:00)
Warclouds in the Pacific
1941, director: Stuart Legg
This archival film from 1941 examines the new Japan which...
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Film (10:00)
Atlantic Patrol
1940, director: Stuart Legg
This first film in the Canada Carries On series...
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Film (9:00)
Letter from Aldershot
1940, director: John Taylor
In December, 1939, the First Division of the Canadian Active...
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Atlantic Patrol
Film  (10:00) 1940, director: Stuart Legg
This first film in the Canada Carries On series describes the work of the Canadian seamen who manned the supply ships leaving from Canada's eastern ports during World War II. Convoys escorted by Royal Canadian Marine destroyers carried military supplies destined for the Allied Forces. Always on the lookout, the men remained close to their guns, torpedoes and grenades at the ready because the North Atlantic waters were crawling with German U-boats. The film shows the seamen's life onboard, their vigilance through calm and stormy times and how quickly they were able Battle stations when needed.

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