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WWII: An Overview in Moving Pictures
The war changed how people did and saw things. Even animated films, in the guise of entertainment, joined in the war effort. In this section, you'll find classics of the genre and get an overview of the conflict before discovering archival footage, comments and opinions on the main themes treated in the other sections of the site.
The War as seen by Norman McLaren
Dollar Dance
1943, Norman McLaren
Film  (4:05)
Message publicitaire sur l'inflation et le contrôle des prix. Animation image par image...
Five for Four
1942, Norman McLaren
Film  (2:52)

A short film made to promote the sale of war bonds, 5 for

V for Victory
1941, Norman McLaren
Film  (2:05)

In this publicity short designed to sell Victory bonds and drawn directly onto film

Dollar Dance
Film  (4:05)
Made during the Second World War, this publicity trailer used the technique of drawing directly on film to tackle the issues of inflation and price controls.

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Article by a specialist
Canada’s War, 1939-1945

World War II brought much personal tragedy to Canadians, but it also made its people well-off.

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Canada Remembers

Canada Remembers - Part One - Turning the Tide

1995, director: Terence Macartney-Filgate
Film  (53:40)
Men and machines begin the move down to the Channel coast of England. Naval vessels...

Canada Remembers - Part Two - The Liberators

1995, director: Terence Macartney-Filgate
Film  (54:15)
June to December, 1944. After years of dedication and sacrifice, an Allied victory seems...

Canada Remembers - Part Three - Endings and Beginnings

1995, director: Terence Macartney-Filgate
Film  (49:10)
Paratroopers dropping down to fight beyond the Rhine ushered in the final phase of the war...

Canadian Soldiers Display a German Flag
©LAC / PA-137461  Larger image
Canadian Soldiers Display a German Flag
Lieut. Ken Bell, photographie, Xanten (Allemagne), 9 mars 1945